Digital Literacies Tinkering Path (5): Fantasy TED Talk

I chose the FANTASY TED TALKS assignment from the DS106 database. The task asked me to “Create a scene from a TED Talk being given by a fictional character. Obscure or well known, feel free to have your fictional character pontificating on their story, and their “essential truth” that has come to be known as TED Talks.”

At first I struggled to think of a character to use and whether I wanted to make this serious or lighthearted. Since one of my goals was to use my digital skills in a fun way that is not so “serious” and “formal” I thought it might be fun to take a less serious approach and pick Winnie the Pooh.

Below is my attempt at Winnie the Pooh’s TED Talk on the importance of honey as a food group especially when it comes to eating yogurt. ENJOY!

Here are the images I used:

Image by urban_data on flicker CC license
Image by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay 
Image by Mel Gama from Pixabay 
Image by Profet77 from Pixabay 

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