Digital Literacies Tinkering Path (4): Pinterest Board for a Character

I chose the YOU’RE A PINTERESTING CHARACTER assignment from the DS106 database. The task asked me to “Build a Pinterest page of at least 20 pins for a character of your choice. Search for pins that relate to your character and things that he or she would want to pin for themselves.”

I chose to create a Pinterest board for TINKERBELL (I think it came to mind because of the name of the TINKERING path)

“Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color Tinkerbell production cel, 1950s” by Tom Simpson via Flickr Creative Commons License

I use Pinterest a lot but sully to find resources for my university work. So using it as a different character in a more recreational capacity was different. I used my knowledge of the commonly used ‘lingo’ on Pinterest and social media to find images that illustrate Tinkerbell’s nature loving, fun and positive character.

Below is a link to the board and a screenshot of the board as a whole


I found myself pinning picnics, fair wings, buns, gardening tips, and fun friend pictures. One image I thought was fitting was the open window pin which remained me of how Tinkerbell and Peter Pan got into Wendy’s room and I thought Tinkerbell would want a reminder of that and that she would have an affinity for whimsical windows because of that experience. As a fairy, I also felt that she would like flower based teas and that she would be into hobbit like dwellings as inspirations for her home. Tinkerbell is known for being laid back and fun which is why I thought she would like relaxing picnics. In the newer versions of the character, TInkerbell is a TINKER FAIRY and so she would be interested in little trinkets and vintage objects that she often repurposes to create new machines and so I pinned little trinkets that she may have her eye on repurposing and DIYing. I also pinned pictures with cute fun dresses as outfit inspirations for TINKERBELL.

I really enjoyed this assignment and found myself thinking deeply about it. I us this platform as myself so often and so I rarely have to think about what I would like to pin mainly because Pinterest knows what I am interested in and so it was a breathe of fresh air to actually pt some thought into a pinterest board.

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