Digital Literacies Tinkering Path (1):Story Map

I chose THE STORY MAP assignment from the DS106 database. It involved using  Knightlab’s Story Map to create a map telling a story of a trip I would like to take. I put my own spin on it and decided to plan a 4 day trip in Europe where I only get to see one building and have one meal per city. This idea was inspired by my need to overly plan trips and add too many things to my schedule (newsflash I barely get half of them done), and so I decided to challenge myself to have a single meal and visit one building ( I am an architecture major and I like visiting iconic buildings).

I really enjoyed using this tool and I found it easy but effective. I might use it again if I need to visually present a trip. On the same website I found a similar tool that creates timelines and I think that may be very useful when presenting project timelines to people who are not in my field of work.

This tool is also great in the sense that it has a section dedicating to crediting any images used and it juts kept me on track when it came to attributing the images.

I tried to take into consideration if the text was easily readable and I spent some time specifically on the title page trying to get it right especially because I could not change the text colour so I had to find a background colour that allowed for white to be readable. To make sure my title page was readable I used this tool and played around with the colours to make sure it passed all the tests as shown in the screenshot below.

Overall, I enjoyed doing this assignment and I think it is a useful tool to know about mainly because it reminded me of the importance of attributing images to their owners which is something I feel I forget when I am focusing on producing something because I get too worked up in the content that I forget to give credit.

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