Digital Literacies Initiation

I took this quiz to assess my digital skills and confidence in different categories. The quiz produced the below chart based on my responses.

The pie chart indicated that I felt comfortable in all areas and confident in finding and assessing information online. I think this makes sense because from a young age I had been taught to critically choose what information I accept from the internet. This point is also often stressed about when it comes to university courses. The one thing I was surprised that I could not say I confident in was CREATE AND INNOVATE, this is because my major heavily relies on producing digital work. I guess the main question I had for myself was “How could you be able to use such advanced modelling, rendering and editing softwares but not fulfil the confident requirements in this field?” This question made me want to improve my “Create and Innovate” category confidence.

In preparation for the Digital Literacies portion of the course I read this article on the difference between digital skills and digital literacies. My main takeaway from the article is that it is one thing to know how to use a digital platform/tool but that is different to understanding and knowing how to use it effectively, when to use it and for what audience. The article highlights literacies such as knowing how to apply skills in real life situation for a purpose, being able to judge sources of information and understanding how to stay safe online. These literacies all utilise skills and build on them, or in other words you cannot be digitally literate if you do not take digital skills but you can be skilled and illiterate.

After reflecting on my results and reading the article I decided that I would like to improve my Create and Innovate confidence level. I feel like the TINKERING PATH fits this goal the most. My ultimate goal is to be able to use the skills I have in using digital tool in order to create things that are creative and meaningful as opposed to just using them to create things related to my major (architectural engineering). I want to use these skills in a more lighthearted manner and enjoy using the tools as opposed to feeling forced to do it.

Stay tuned to see what I TINKER 🙂

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