Digital Narrative Game Phase 3: Prototype

Background Information Given at Start of Game

You are a big business that manufactures clothes. You have a large variety of products including shirts, pants and jackets. Lately, you’ve noticed that everyone started caring more about environmental problems and being sustainable, and you’ve decided that you’re going to make your business green, for the greater good of your world. You’ve also noticed the scrutiny that “Green” businesses face on social media and know that the process of going green will not be as easy as it may initially seem. This game will simulate some of the choices you need to make when making the shift to being GREEN.

Part 1 Choices:Since you’re a big company with lots of products and employees, you’ve decided to invest in R&D to do the research. Your research team gives you these two options below:

Choice A- New Innovative Material that hasn’t been applied before in this industry 

Choice B- Use recycled materials like all others in your industry 

Follow Up Choice A1:found an application that doesn’t fit brand identity but is very sustainable 

Follow Up Choice A2: There is a way to mix this material with your existing materials 

Follow Up Choice B1: mix recycled materials with your existing materials

Follow Up Choice B2: all / completely recycled materials for clothes

Part 1 Consequences:

A1:People are making fun of the product. You cannot sell it and you lose money

A2:Greenwashing allegations  

B1:Greenwashing allegations

B2: Not comfortable and bad quality no one wants to buy it because of the bad reviews 

Part 2 Choices: Sourcing   

A: Fair trade option that is more expensive

B: You found a non-fair trade cotton supplier abroad that is less expensive and that says that they are green

B1: You trust their word and start the process

B2: You do not trust their word; they might be lying, so you send your team abroad to investigate  the place.

Part 2 Consequences:

A: Your customers trust your product and are more likely to buy it.

B1: Turns out he’s lying to you and you need to look for a supplier; you’ve just wasted your time.

B2: They are not lying, so you are assured, but you paid extra money for this trip so you cannot invest in R&D for longer/you raise your prices

Part 3 Choices:So know you have made your product more green, but you still need to look at the rest of the aspects in your business. You realize you’re using a lot of non-renewable energy in the production process. 

A: Make the energy you use greener

B: reduce your energy use

A1: switch all of your machinery to renewable energy [solar expensive]

A2: stay up to date with the newest technologies to reduce your carbon footprint (constantly update machines and get filters)

B1: Use manual labor

B2 :Cut off on the amount of machines you’re using; switch away from mass production

Intermediate Consequence with choice: Your costs have risen dramatically from this switch, so to make up for this increase in cost you can:

C1: fire some workers (of A1 and A2)

C2: increase the price of your product in the market (of A1 and A2)

Part 3 Consequences

B1: Bad working conditions for your workers, and you’re reducing not eliminating your waste.

B2: reducing not eliminating your waste

C1: your employees cannot keep up with the work so this results in bad working conditions

C2: you lost some customers and didn’t make the profit you wanted

Part 4 Choices: When it comes to distribution channels for your products you can either

A: Distribute locally

B-Distribute Worldwide

B1-Directly through the business 

B2-Use Amazon

Part 4 Consequences:

A Positive: More control over the packaging of products, Less transportation pollution

A Negative : Lose a big portion of international customers

B1: more control over the packaging but less exposure

B2: less control over the packaging but more exposure

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